Chris Silva

Director Dab Hand Cannabis Consulting

Next week residents across Michigan will have a historic chance to begin to fix the years of damage the war on drugs has brought to our community. By voting YES on proposal one, Michigan residents can shut down a front on the war on drugs, help create a vibrant industry, and ensure one tool and tactic of predatory policing is removed from our community. This proposal would create one of the most fair, and welcoming cannabis industries in the country while also giving citizens throughout the state the ability to , possess, cultivate, consume, and gift reasonable amounts of cannabis in their own homes. The proposal is by no means perfect-but it is a great first step in creating a society where adult use cannabis is legal, regulated, safe, and non criminal.

Proposal One would do the following:

  • Anyone over the age of 21 would be able to “possess, use, transport, or process 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana or 15 grams of marijuana concentrate.” It would also be legal to “share or transfer without payment” up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana to another person over 21 years old.
  • Individuals will be able to grow up to 12 marijuana plants, and store up to 10 ounces from those plants in locked containers in one’s residence.
  • Creates 10% excise tax from Adult Use Cannabis sales, Under the proposal, local municipalities do have the authority to ban or limit marijuana establishments. However, those municipalities would not be allotted any of the tax revenue.
  • Create regulatory scheme for adult use sales based heavily on MMMFLA licensing system. Adult Use Sales expected to roll out by 2020.
  • Possession becomes legal 10 days after NOV. 6 election.

More information about the proposal can be found at the website of the ballot committee.

We also have a wonderful opportunity to elect Gretchen Whitmer as Gov, and Dana Nessel as state attorney general. These two candidates are amazing on our issues and will ensure our community has the freedom and support we need as our state makes great progress in the legal cannabis industry. The alternatives are universally horrible on cannabis issues as well as on a sluew of other progressive or human rights issues. This November the right choice is pretty easy to see if you are looking to support candidates that support cannabis users. These two woman are amazing fighters who will do a great job for our community and all of Michigan.

The election will be close, we need everyone to show up and make their voices heard. Along with Proposal One, we need to elect strong candidates that will push for pro-cannabis, pro-patient solutions and polices. Its important to show up and make sure we actually do this. Poll numbers and yard signs don’t vote, people do. Its too late to register to vote, but if you are you can find out where to vote and see a sample ballots and learn more about the issues and candidates.

Your Fucking Polling Place!

Candidate Guide- (Non-Partisan)

      We are close to making history together! Its been an honor working towards this issue and having even a small part in making this dream of so many come true. Lets make sure we all get out and vote, bring others to the polls, whatever it takes. Then lets keep these bastards we elect accountable and continue to see the change we all want and this country desperately needs.  Everyone in the Dab Hand community has been working hard on this issue for years and we cant wait to see what the future has in store for the cannabis community, our industry, and our state now that cannabis prohibition is coming to an end!