Chris Silva

Director Dab Hand Cannabis Consulting

Why hire a consultant for your cannabis business?


If you are a new or existing cannabis company, hiring the right cannabis consultant can do wonders for the success of your business.  The ever-changing laws and MMMFLA regulations for medical cannabis businesses enacted by licensing boards and the state create a need to establish certain protocols and training that a proficient cannabis consultant can help you with.

The primary benefit of hiring a cannabis consultant is saving yourself and your team time.  A cannabis consultant can help put together documents with your lawyer or their own team of lawyers that will help you procure an MMMFLA operating license.  These documents could take your staff years to complete and put together on their own.  This process includes drafting protocols for security, quality control, security systems, investment, testing, disposal of expired products and nutrients, intelligently creating infrastructure, transportation of goods, inventory control, record keeping and budtender/patient education.  Using a consultant to put together these protocols will give you the best chance of having an accepted license application.  The consultant can also help ensure you stay compliant after receiving your license by anticipating future changes in legal requirements.

Hiring a consultant can also benefit a store owner with networking.  A successful store needs connection to farmers, cannabis lawyers, processors, educators, doctors and reputable vendors.  The right cannabis consultant will be able to put you in touch with the right network of people.  Many consultants will tailor their services to your individual needs.  Some stores may need help with branding, packaging and design, business strategy, marketing, nurturing business relationships and production.

Consultants can help with purchasing and management by advising on how to make wise purchasing decisions.  The right consultant will know quality flower, extracts and edibles.  They stay knowledgeable about what the current market is looking for in their medicine and can help you meet these demands.  The knowledgeable consultant can determine a products quality visually and will help create a menu with a variety of options for your patients to choose from.