This week Denver gave its approval for the first facility in the city that would allow social use of cannabis on site. The facility, a Coffee bar aptly named, “the Coffee Joint”, is set to open in around two weeks. The 2016 social use ordinance was passed by Denver voters and laid out a strict zoning and licensing scheme for facilities to be licensed for social use. There are 1000 feet set backs from schools, parks, and substance abuse facilities.

The move is widely seen as a positive first step in developing a more hospitable legal situation for the regions influx of pot tourists. Currently there is little access for out of town guests to partake in cannabis. Many hotels and rental properties forbid all smoking on site, including cannabis. Many in the cannabis sector are hoping this will help speed up the development of the hospitality side of the ever growing cannabis industry.

Currently in Michigan social use is regulated in a city by city basis. There is hope that the MI Legalize 2018 petition to tax and regulate adult use cannabis sales will create a framework for social use clubs. Any future social use clubs are almost certain to be regulated with similar zoning setbacks as provision centers. There will be opportunity in this sector as in all of the ancillary cannabis markets in Michigan. Dab Hand Cannabis can help you be prepared for the emerging cannabis hospitality market as well as any other ancillary cannabis market.