Chris Silva

Director Dab Hand Cannabis

The roller coaster ride for Detroit area Cannabis entrepreneurs just got a lot more interesting in the last week. A late Friday afternoon decision last week seemed to signal the death blow for a citizen initiated petition that aimed to create a more relaxed zoning scheme for Detroit Cannabis facilities. Established- and highly capitalized members in the cannabis industry were able to tap into community fears and filled a legal challenge in order to stop the new ordinance.  A Wayne county judge ruled that citizens cannot bypass the Zoning Enabling Act by creating a new zoning scheme at the ballot. Similar arguments were made in Lansing last summer when Lansing Loves Safe Jobs, a more open zoning scheme and unlimited cap of provisioning centers, was tossed off the ballot.

Earlier in the week the City of Detroit issued a temporary moratorium on the city licensing process pending the outcome of the legal challenge to the previously mentioned initiative. As of today city leaders have not indicated how exactly the ruling would affect the cities moratorium. City leaders will be facing an ordinance that many have thought unworkable. Many have commented that this is more about Detroit leaders not wanting to be pulled out of the decision making process for Cannabis facility licensing. This issue will continue to be an issue across Michigan as more municipalities are targeted by cannabis entrepreneurs.

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