Dab Handnoun BRITISH informal

a person who is an expert at a particular activity.

Dab Hand Cannabis Consultants are industry experts with years of experience and a passion for excellence. Our goal is to provide all the professional services you will need for your cannabis company. Our team has years of real practical experience and relationships in the cannabis industry as well as many years experience in public policy. Dab Hand has experience and offers services for the entire suite of cannabis professional services.  Some of our services include State and municipal licensing, entity formation, cultivation, extraction, and retail consultation, compliance, product development  social media marketing and providing in store product reps for your brand, and many more. Our professional network of  attorneys, CPA’s, architects, and other industry professionals will ensure you have the strongest team possible. Your company is too important to trust with professional service providers just entering into the industry, our experience and relationships will help you leverage yourself into the best possible scenario for success.